What Impact Do

I.M.P.A.C.T North East – Inclusion Mentoring for Parents, Adolescents, Children & Teachers.

Impact Northeast  enables local people to rise above difficult circumstances. We build relationships, confidence, capability, skills and behaviours. Inspire success by developing individual potential.

From our base in Sunderland we provide support to families, communities, schools and businesses locally and throughout the North East.

Our aim is to provide a culturally sensitive and non-judgmental service offering one-to-one and group counselling, mentoring, training and volunteering to support people to live full and meaningful lives. We help you to achieve your full potential and overcome barriers.

Make an IMPACT on your organisation

We provide a range of services to schools, businesses and voluntary sector organisations to improve the emotional well-being and productivity of your workforce. including Counseling, Family and teacher support and training,

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